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This is the place to write any comments you might have about La Peña’s many aspects. Maybe you just saw a show here that you enjoyed, or visited an exhibit that you loved, or you want to tell us about your experience at one of the many classes we offer, or you have a suggestion on something we need to improve. This is the place to say it. Don’t be shy, any comment applies (made in a respectful and constructive manner). Thank you!


3 Responses to General Comments

  1. Nadine says:

    From one of La Peña’s wonderful supporters, “I am donating because I love Sara, Susie and all the wonderful big hearted loving folks at la peña. Somos familia!!!”

  2. Fer says:

    These dancer are gonna rock the house !!!

    Afro-Haitian Neo-Folklore
    Adia Whitaker’s Ampey!
    Friday and Saturday April 9 & 10. 2010. 10 adv. 12 dr. 8pm

    Performance Artist Lec-Dem. Two Days Only! Adia Whitaker is one of the youngest, professional choreographers and Master
    Teachers of Afro-Haitian Folklore in the US. She will show and talk about the piece Ampey!, a multidisciplinary theatre, music,
    & dance piece that explores the spiritual, emotional, & physical
    disconnect between African Americans and Continental Africans.

    La Peña Cultural Center, 3105 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley

  3. Inkawayras says:

    Could please someone reply with a suggestion about how to find a musician?

    We are a duo that plays Andean Music and we need an andean/winds player.

    Or there may be a place in this Blog to provide more details.

    Is it O.K. to place this need here???

    Thanks a lot in advance./

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