Successful speed-networking Artivista HUB event @ La Peña

Wednesday was a busy day here at La Peña. All the interns were in house bustling around to get ready for the 2nd event of the emerging Artivista HUB program.

La Peña HUB is an ongoing series of events aimed at supporting our community of artists and activists through networking and professional development opportunities. La Peña has historically been a vital progressive gathering place for the incubation of ideas, social movements and artistic development. With our Artivista HUB program we want to invite local artists, activists and community members to join us for various events and opportunities this program will provide.

La Peña’s HUB in action

Wednesday’s event was a deemed a success by all participants. The event drew a diverse and talented group of artists and activists dedicated to social justice and interested in meeting like minds. The event was set up so that the participants had 3 minutes with 9 different people and were given guideline questions to discuss such as “Why is activism important to your work?”. The conversation flowed and the 3 minutes flew by leaving many participants eager to discuss more after the event was finished. We hope that everyone made lasting connections and look forward to more engaging and productive HUB events here at La Peña! Become a member today!


About Elena Trierweiler

Twenty-something and wanderlust stricken. Exploring life through travel, culture, music, dance, language
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