Bocas Radioactivas @ La Peña

March 22, 2012 @ La Peña Cultural Center  7:30PM Tix $12-$20 sliding scale. ALL AGES!  TODAS EDADES!

Adrian Arancibia is a poet, writer, and educator. He, along with Adolfo Guzman-Lopez and Miguel-Angel Soria, founded the seminal Chicano spoken-word collective the Taco Shop Poets in 1994. Adrian Arancibia was born in Iquique, Chile in 1971. Since 1980, he has resided in San Diego, California. Arancibia is the co-editor of the Taco Shop Poets Anthology: Chorizo Tonguefire, and currently writes for the San Diego Union-Tribune and for national magazines like The Green Magazine.

Bocas Radioactivas is an evening of Bilingual Spoken Word about Race, Latin America and Hip-Hop/La poesia y politica del Hip-Hop to benefit the first delegation of North American Spoken Word poets traveling to the Havana International Poetry Festival in Havana, Cuba.


About La Peña Blog

This is the official blog of La Peña Cultural Center. With the re-launch of this blog we want to promote a better connection between artist, community and La Peña in the cyber-space. Check out our up and coming events at
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