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Feedbacks.- International Women’s Day Performance.  La Peña, Berkeley. March 10, 2012.

“The evening performance was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I learned things about women’s history that made me proud to be a woman, the music was incredible, and the singers had the voices of angels. Being able to participate in our group’s performance was an incredible experience in the power of what women of any age can do… the sisterhood involved was an incredible joy.” —Lynn mc Kinney

“It was a privilege to perform at La Peña on the important Int’l Women’s Day evening in such illustrious company. The mutual respect and appreciation between the performers, the humans, coming together to celebrate justice and creativity and connectedness between generations is the best lift for the spirit.” —Diane Bloom

“Thank you one and all at the La Peña Cultural Center for inviting us to your Women’s Revolution in Latin America. I love the fabulous energy, the culture, and the incredible singing and music. I experience inspiration in the history  of many cultures in such an inclusive light. May I say bravo to all the women at Stagebridge who are Movers and Shakers, each one of you are special and without you this could not have happened.” —Linda Moore

I was honored to be included in a program where powerful and accomplished women were sharing their art. The slide presentation opened my eyes to aspects of women’s history that I had never known–and I’ve been a feminist since the 70’s! I felt a renewed sense of the importance for us as women to bond together, to declare our rights and show our strength. Both singers inspired me with their passionate performances. This is the first time I have witnessed a pregnant diva (Maria) and she was unforgettable. Thank you, Mamakoatl for curating an inspiring evening as well as singing your heart out.

For our movement group, this was our first public performance. I am so proud of the work we are doing together. This experience at La Peña feels like the beginning of something much bigger–who knows where it will lead? We were thrilled to debut at La Pena and now feel a special connection to this venue. I am hoping that we will be able to make an annual tradition of sharing a piece in celebration of International Women’s Day. Very special thanks are due to Nina Serrano who invited us to perform with her.”  —Greacian Goeke. Instructor, Rhythm and Moves class at Stagebridge, home of the Movers and Shakers

“It was a joy and an honor to read my poems amidst such a talented group of artists, curated by Mamakoatl. I have read poetry before with musical accompaniment, but this was the first time I was accompanied by moving dancers echoing my words. I deeply appreciate their collaboration. It was thrilling.  The opening presentation of women’s history by Max Dashu inspired me for the rest of the night, as did the fabulous music of the band and the songs of MamaKoatl and Maria Loreto. I felt the creative forces unleashed in the theatre of which the big beautiful pregnant belly of Maria Loreto was the symbol. –Nina Serrano


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