Eye witness report

Eyewitness Report: by Nina Serrano

“Mujer, Te Han Crecido Las Ideas / Woman, Your Ideas Are On The Rise”  March 10, 2012   La Peña, Berkeley, CA

Performing in “Mujer, Te Han Crecido Las Ideas / Woman, Your Ideas Are On The Rise” was a groundbreaking experience for me as a poet and performer. I’ve worked over the last six years with the incomparable healer, poet /musician and cultural promoter, Mamacoatl. But, this time she guided me into another zone.  Never was I so engulfed in women’s creativity. The beautiful sight of creation itself in the bare, round pregnant belly of musician Maria Loreto made this more visible. The big red heart painted around her belly button awed both performers and audience.

Nor, had I ever read one of my poems accompanied to movement and the dancers echoing my words. Their participation was a thrill for me. Diane Bloom, Linda Moore, Lynn Mc Kinney, our teacher/director Greacian Goeke and I entered the stage filled with inspiration as women elders instilled by Max Dashu’s opening presentation of “Women’s History From Ancient Times To The Present.”  The women-themed Latin American music sung by Mamacoatl and Maria Loreto were solidly supported by the band of male musicians: David Emhe, guitar, Rafa Turincio, bass, Axel Herrera, drums, and Miguelito Martinez, flute. They demonstrated an awesome improvisational approach, musical skill, and applause-raising solos.

Mamacoatl’s bilingual narration underlined the “curing” in both her curation of the event and the presentation of the performances. She offered the audience a healing from the oppressive patriarchal bruises that our society suffers. Then, singing a closing duet with Maria Loreto and the marvelous band she left us dancing in the aisles. The evening reinforced our awareness of the need to preserve the feminine energy of Mother Earth/Pachamama, herself.

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