Nicole Klaymoon’s Embodiment Project

Nicole Klaymoon’s Embodiment Project invites you to witness ten performers use street dance, spoken word, theater, and song, unearthing the most intimate workings of their hearts, in an attempt to better understand our shared emotional reality. Drawing from love in all its forms – familial, romantic, esoteric, and abstract – “Bloodline” fuses process and performance highlighting the symbiotic nature of vulnerability and self-empowerment. “Bloodline” is the manifestation of the belief that self-healing is the most important step towards social change and a shift in global consciousness. The evening will also include guest performances by Byb Chanel, Ashley Holladay, Valerie Troutt, and Makana Muanga. Plus guest artists Byb Chanel, Ashley Holladay, Valerie Troutt, & Makana Muanga.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday March 25, 26 & 27. 2011. 12-$20 sliding scale $8 students – 8pm

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